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Blockchain Technology

We assess your existing pain point, identify the need for a blockchain solution for your business case and analyze how blockchain can add value to your business.

  • Blockchain Advisory & Consulting

    We listen to your requirements and design the most ideal solution and the various possible use cases of the proposed blockchain project for your organization.

  • DLT Architecture Planning

    Customized DLT as per your business needs that is scalable, robust and leverage decentralized capabilities and transparency based on existing Blockchain frameworks.

  • STO White Paper & Launch Pad

    From Security Token Offering application to helping your company create business and technical white paper, we provide an entire end to end STO services from conceptualization to implementation to deployment of tokens in Exchanges.

  • Blockchain Development & API Integration

    We create products and solutions on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Quorum, Corda and Lisk applications that can be further developed, supported and integrated into any existing application using APIs.

  • Blockchain SSDLC Framework

    The software development life cycle (SDLC) framework maps the entire development process. It includes all stages—planning, design, build, release, maintenance, and updates, as well as the replacement and retirement of the application when the need arises.

    The secure SDLC (SSDLC) builds on this process by incorporating security in all stages of the lifecycle. Teams often implement an SSDLC when transitioning to DevSecOps. The process involves applying security best practices alongside functional aspects of development and securing the development environment.

Blockchain Security Services

NUMEN has a team of skillful Blockchain Technology Researchers that has performed multiple auditing for projects with Blockchain related elements such as Blockchain Exchange’s Infrastructures, Crypto Wallets, Smart Contract and even Public blockchain.

Despite the everchanging threat landscape, NUMEN’s Blockchain research team passively develop the best cyber security solutions for common blockchain application use cases such as Crypto Asset Exchange infrastructure, Private Key Management, Wallet Security, Transactional Risk Control, Blockchain Threat Intelligence, and an entire variety of different Web3-based application scenarios.

  • Exchange Security Audit

    A systematic and structured Audit Review on every aspect of a Crypto Asset Exchange to detect attack vector and design a framework to counter the attack vector.

  • Smart Contract Audit

    A Comprehensive Security review that focuses on the scrutiny of the code used for underwriting the terms and conditions in the smart contract to prevent untoward circumstances.

  • Chain Security Audit

    Asses multiple levels of chain platform node communication, storage, consensus, and authority management using different security audit approaches such as black & grey box and white box testing.

  • Wallet Security Audit

    An extensive crypto wallet security audit, insights on blockchain exchange’s business logic flaws at the wallet layer that can allow a malicious attack to exploit or there is an unknown vulnerability in one of the dependencies that the crypto wallet.

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