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Governance, Risk And Compliance

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) refers to an organization’s strategy for handling the interdependencies between corporate governance policies, enterprise risk management (ERM) programs, and regulatory and company compliance.


Governance, or corporate governance, is the overall system of rules, practices, and standards that guide a business. Our senior consultants can custom IT security policies, procedures, standards, and training for your organization through understanding customer’s requirements, to facilitate all employees of the organization to follow them, to avoid the IT security risks at the strategic level.

Risk Management

Risk, or enterprise risk management, is the process of identifying potential hazards to the business and acting to reduce or eliminate their financial impact. Our senior consultants can help customers identify, assess, and mitigate even avoid security risks to organization's applications, data, technical, infrastructure and cloud architectures, as well as conduct continuous monitoring and regular audits. Thus, to eliminate, reduce and control risks at the technical level.


Compliance, or corporate compliance, is the set of processes and procedures that a company has in place to make certain that the company and its employees are conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. According to the different business needs of organizations, in different countries and industries, there are corresponding legal regulations, which prohibit operation or even sky-high fines if they do not meet the corresponding requirements. Our senior consultants can help these organizations conduct compliance audits, to successfully pass these regulations.

Compliance Coverage

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