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Numen SSP / Leukocyte

For large enterprise customers, the number of servers is huge, and the security protection system is difficult to cover all assets. With the increase of security vulnerabilities, the cyber security becomes pressing problems. Numen SSP is based on SaaS, adopts adaptive plug-in engine, build the closed-loop security protection by multiple functional modules.

  • Smart Asset Identification
  • Precise Risk Monitoring
  • 24/7 Threat Detection
  • Threat Status Visualization
  • Precise Risk Monitoring
  • Security Compliance Check
  • Tiny Server Agent

Product Advantages

Product Functions

  • Asset Management

    Based on a fine-grained asset inventory system, the server asset structure is automatically constructed, and the management console performs centralized and unified management. Continuous monitoring of asset information, real-time notification, and dynamic asset protection.

  • Risk Management

    Relying on the mechanism of active scanning, continuous monitoring, analysis, and timely security patch update, accurate weak password detection, comprehensive monitoring of asset exposure risks, etc., it can effectively prevent potential cyberthreats and reduce the risks.

  • Intrusion Detection

    Multi-dimensional monitoring each node on the attack path, deep analysis from attack timeline and different dimensions, provide detailed solution, help users to deal with network attacks accurately and effectively.

  • Attacks Tracing

    Powerful capabilities of analysis and processing of massive data, automatic correlation to generate security logs, high flexible query, tracing the attack process, abnormal behavior, and intrusion events.

  • Security Compliance

    Continue to follow up to the baseline compliance guidelines and improve the checklists, thus can provide effective suggestions for non-compliant check items.

  • Product Value

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